Replica Featherston Chaise Longue Grey Fabric Sale

Replica Featherston Chaise Longue Grey

The replica Featherston Chaise Longue in Grey is a beautiful design, and a modern remake of the chair created by the Australian designer Grant Featherston in 1961. This is not some chair you will find in a psychiatrist's office, it is a stunning lounge chair that is perhaps the most comfortable that we sell. You cannot help but relax with your feet resting and the weight taken off your entire body, just 10 min in this chair a day and the worlds troubles seem far away.

Our premium hand made replica Featherston Chaise Longue features a linen blend upholstery, and a lovely soft foam and adjustable head roll which helps you to relax and find that perfect position.

The Featherston Chaise comes fully assembled, and is available in a wide range of linen colours.

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