Replica Splugen Brau Pendant Light

Replica Achille Castiglioni Splugen Brau Pendant Light

Designed in 1961 by Achille Castiglioni, the Splugen Brau Lamp shares its name with the beer hall that inspired its design. Sadly the beer hall has now been closed.

This suspension light was inspired by the shining surface of vacuum flasks and cocktail shakers from the 1960s. The lamp features a thick, ribbed aluminum body which aids heat dispersal. The silver-domed bulb provides indirect but concentrated light.

Our Replica Splugen Brau pendant light is made from spun aluminium, and is polished and protected with transparent paint.
This beautiful Replica light is made to the specifications of the original design.

Availability: Discontinued


Availability: Discontinued

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