Walnut Kantet Dining Table 150 cm

Walnut Kantet Dining Table 150 cm

This beautiful Walnut Kantet dining table will make a wonderful addition to your families kitchen meals area and measures 150 cm in length. This Scandinavian style dining table features rounded edges with an inward bevel, and thick solid timber angled legs which are truly stunning.

The table base is created with the angles to ensure that they will not get in the way of your legs, and ensures that this mid-sized dining table can comfortably seat six people. This modern Danish table is visually striking and will instantly appeal to your guests and enhance your meals area.

Kantet is Danish for angular, and perfectly describes this stunning dark walnut Scandinavian dining table.

The table in the images is 150 cm x 80 cm in size and is pictured with replica dark walnut Wishbone chairs, and also the dark walnut Elbow chairs. Also comes in a round 120 cm size.

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Availability: In stock

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