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Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia
Harry Bertoia was born in Italy in 1915, and moved to the USA in his mid teenage years. He studied drawing, painting and received a scholarship to the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. In 1950 Harry Bertoia moved to Pennsylvania in what was to be a career defining change. He worked for fellow Cranbrook Academy graduates Florence and Hans Knoll and was allowed time to experiment and perfect his machine precison latticed welded chairs and stools designs. The Harry Bertoia Stools and wire chairs are still today extremely popular in the designer furniture market. The open and lightness on the designs from Harry Bertoia are a result of years of experimentation with sculpture, design and famous print art in the mid 20th century. The most popular designs from Harry Bertoia are still in the top sellers as a result of his imaginative and engineering work on bending wire steel. The Diamond Chair, Steel Wire Chair and Harry Bertoia Bench are classics in any popular 20th Century designer books.

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