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Fabric Chairs

The easiest way to brighten up your living room space is by the addition of some Fabric Chairs, which can easily add colour and contrast to a neutral space. There are so many options available with a fabric chair, as many materials have different textures and highlights. A Fabric Lounge Chair can easily and quickly transform a dull living space or office area, into a warm and inviting room for your family and guests.

A timber lounge chair with fabric upholstery will add warmth due to the natural timber frame; while your options are unlimited with regards to how bright you wish to make the fabric ! Using some natural fabrics such as cotton or cashmere, you will find some bright options to make a room pop.

In the heat of summer, a Fabric Sofa is an ideal choice as this allows the sofa to breathe, and not become uncomfortable for the user. Our most popular fabric sofa is the Plank 3 Seater, which comes in a linen blended fabric. Our cashmere covered Papa Bear Chair replica is the showroom favorite due to its grand dimensions and very comfortable ottoman. If you have a cat at home you will find they will think they own the ottoman! This chair has been in production for over 50 years which is testament to its comfort and styling.

The most comfortable fabric covered chair is the replica Z300 Chaise by Grant Featherston. This relaxing machine features a soft linen blend cover and includes a head roll. There is no better way to relax on a Sunday afternoon than in this lounge chair, which comes in a wide variety of fabric options.

We stock a whole range of stylish Fabric Lounge Chairs in a wide range of materials, and we invite you to view our collection at our Brisbane showroom. Alternatively you can buy online for express delivery to Sydney and Melbourne.

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