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Scandinavian Lights

The latest trend in Home Decor is the addition of Scandinavian Lights to your home, as they are just so elegantly designed with natural charm. With organic shapes and bright colours, the addition of a Scandinavian styled light will add a new element to your home, and will be admired by your guests and family.

In our collection you shall find a huge range of Scandinavian Pendant Lights is some surprising colours, with rounded curves and expert designs. They look terrific as a central hanging light, but if you have the space they are spectacular when hung in clusters of three or four. Our most popular Danish Pendant is definitely the Artichoke light, which features 72 leaves that represent the outside of this fruit.

With the addition of some timber in your Scandinavian Floor Light you can add a new element into your home in a subtle way. Danish design evolved around the use of natural timbers and by adding a hint of it to your living room by way of a floor lamp you instantly create a warm and inviting look. Our favourite floor lamp is the Dank Light, which features solid ash timber legs.

When it comes to Scandinavian Table Lights and Desk Lamps, you will find this a very popular category with many unique and ever popular designs on offer. Arne Jacobsen and Thomas Bernstrand were prolific designers in this period, and produced such fantastic table lights as the AJ Table Lamp and the Hide Table Light. These stunning lights come in an impressive array of sizes and shapes, and will add charm to your desk or mood lighting for your living room.

View our huge variety of Scandinavian Lights at our Brisbane showroom, or buy online for delivery all over Australia. Customers in Sydney or Melbourne can expect to receive their new lighting in just two business days from ordering.

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