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Industrial Furniture

Industrial Furniture

Recently we have seen a resurgence in people searching for industrial furniture, particularly in regards to industrial style cafe chairs and tables in hospitality venues. When we describe industrial style furniture, we immediately think of the rustic look with lots of metal and natural timbers, hand made and blended in a mix of modern and vintage style. It is a wide definition, but when you see the quintessential industrial style chair or rustic dining table you immediately feel that warm knowing feeling, and to some degree a worn look in what can only be industrial furniture.

The ever popular nature of this style ensures that if you buy something today, it will not be out of style tomorrow. The origins of the style are the Industrial Revolution, which enabled us to manufacture a whole new style of furniture from materials that were previously not widely available. Think metal stacking chairs that are machine bent and welded, timber table tops on machine cut and hand welded steel legs and so on. This provided designers with a whole new world of opportunities to craft from different materials, and explore production opportunities on a mass scale.

Industrial Chairs

Perhaps the most popular component of the modern resurgence in industrial design is the industrial chair. We have found that cafes and restaurants find the warmth of the distressed metal and timber look dining chairs popular with patrons, and gives the venue a sense of age. Equally with the popularity of the Hampton's style and the vintage look in modern homes, the metal industrial chairs fit extremely well in with the theme.

Some of the most popular vintage industrial chairs that we hold in stock are the Bend Chair range, which are available in the standard chair and the stacking version. These wire metal chairs are very strong and true industrial look chairs that are very popular with the latest cafes in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition the Keline dining chair and the Studio wire chair (Replica Hay about a chair) are equally as popular and some of the newest designs in our range.

Industrial Tables

Click here to view our full range of Industrial Tables which are all crafted from Metal or Timber, or a combination of both. The industrial table was made available in the industrial revolution, when it became possible to mass produce steel, and importantly to roll it in thin sheets; at a more affordable price than had been possible previously. This allowed the steel table to be made much more economically than ever before, and of course much lighter.

This enabled the transport and production of new style tables so much easier than previously. Some of our most popular vintage industrial style tables are more modern designs; however their roots are the fabulous tables that were created in the art deco period of furniture style. The Bend cafe table and matching Bend bar table and very much industrial style tables with stylish diagonal wire construction and flat metal round table tops. In addition we have the Habbibi coffee table and matching side tables that are crafted from bent sheet metal.

View the rest of our Furniture Range

In addition to our range of industrial furniture, chairs, tables and bar stools; we stock some fabulous modern furniture and the best replica furniture available online in Australia. We sell only the best replica furniture in Australia, with the largest range available online today.

We have a full range of modern furniture and of course a wide selection of mid century designer classics.

Visit our Brisbane Furniture Store

Come and visit us at our Brisbane furniture store, which is open seven days per week for your convenience. Our team of qualified interior designers are available to assist you with your styling and home decor requirements, and can arrange a visit to your home or business to assist you. Call us on 1300 338 978 to speak with one of our stylists.

If you live in Melbourne or Sydney you can order your industrial style furniture online, and will receive your new purchase in just a few short days. We ship our range all over Australia and use express couriers at the lowest possible prices.

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