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A chandelier is classified as any decorative ceiling light that is large, and normally containing arms or branches for several light bulbs. We have a huge range of chandeliers, pendant lamps and large ceiling lights at our Replica Lighting store in Brisbane.

A chandelier is the centerpiece of any room, it brings together the style of the building and draws people in to look up and view the entirety of the interior you have created. As such, it cannot be selected on its own; it must be purchased with a view of the decor styles and colours within the room it is to be placed.

The light chosen should not be too big to overtake the room, but must be of impressive size to ensure it is the standout feature. Choose wisely, and you will have a ceiling light that will stay in the room for a lifetime.

Some of our most popular suspension chandeliers include the Artichoke Pendant Lights, Dandelion ceiling lights and the Serge Mouille 3 arm pendant. Our cool and trendy designs are available in black, white and brown to match with most of your house's interior decor.

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