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Fibreglass Chairs

Fibreglass Chairs became very popular in the 1970's, as you could create such beautiful round shapes that had never been seen before. Some of the best designers of the era experimented with fiberglass lounge chairs and included Charles Eames and Eero Aarnio.

The most famous fiberglass chair ever released is the Ball Chair, which was a revolutionary design featuring a spinning round fiberglass ball shape with exceptional acoustics when sitting inside. The bright shell spun easily allowing the user to move the seat to wherever they wished to view, and came with two fluffy and comfortable cushions. Eero Aarnio won countless design awards as a result of this chair, and it was featured in the 'Mork and Mindy' show.

Following on from the Ball Chair, Henrik Thor-Larsen produced the stunning Ovalia egg shaped chair, which featured the same ease of swivel and exceptional acoustics. The Ovalia Egg Chair featured in the movie Men in Black, and is an ideal space for you to read or relax. By not allowing the sound to travel inward, it creates a cone like atmosphere and you can escape the outside world.

View our collection of Fiberglass Lounge Chairs and relive the 1960's and 1970's in your own home. Our stunning collection of Ovalia Egg chairs and Fiberglass Ball Chairs come in all shapes and sizes and will certainly make a statement piece in your home.

Visit our Brisbane showroom to see our fiberglass furniture collection, or buy online for express delivery  to Sydney and Melbourne.

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