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Lounge Chairs

The perfect Lounge Chair is one that you can relax into as you put your feet up and let the worries of the day float away.  So how do you choose the perfect Lounge Chair?  The obvious criteria is that is must be comfortable and whilst this is important it is not the only consideration.  Due thought should also be given to the practical, spacial and aesthetic aspects of your new Lounge Chair. 

What do you plan to use your Lounge Chair for?  A Lounge Chair can be used for a variety of purposes including watching TV, reading a book, eating your dinner or seating extra guests on.  If you plan to use it to watch TV or read a book you should consider if the Lounge Chair has appropriate neck support.  Taller people, in particular should check that the back rest is tall enough to rest their head upon. Do you want a recliner or an arm chair ? The angle of the chair back can vary greatly and a back rest which is too sloped can make reading uncomfortable. 

You should also consider the dimensions of the Lounge Chair you are purchasing, mark out the footprint of the chair and check that you can comfortably move around the space.  Lounge Chairs often have a companion foot stool or ottoman which can really add to the comfort factor.  The down side is that this increases the footprint of the chair which may render it to large for smaller spaces.  It is always worthwhile to do the measurements and avoid a costly return - as the saying goes measure twice, cut once!

A large part of our range is dedicated to reproductions of famous Mid Century Lounge Chairs in natural and organic materials such as linen, solid timber and leather.  Our range includes arm chairs, recliners and lounge chairs which are premium reproductions from such masters as Hans Wegner, Grant Featherson, Eero Saarinen, Borge Mogensen and many others.  To buy lounge chairs from the mid 20th century you must first come and inspect our brilliant range online or at our designer furniture store in Brisbane.

Lounge Chairs are available in upholstery such as leather, linen, wool or rattan.  Each of these materials have differing properties which should be consider when purchasing a Lounge Chair.  Leather Chairs have upholstery which is easy to care for and hard wearing making it an ideal upholstery choice for heavy use areas and is family friendly.  Linen and wool are also hard wearing materials however they do not like to be wet, making them difficult to spot clean.  Take the time to apply a stain protector product to Linen and wool upholstery to reduce the likelihood of spills being absorbed into the fibres and increase the lifespan of the upholstery.

For most of us Design Lovers the major consideration when purchasing a Lounge Chair is the aesthetics of the chair – does it look great in the space and enhance the beauty of your home?  With so many lounge chair options available at Replica Furniture in terms of shapes, styles, colours, finishes and textures you are guaranteed to find the perfect, super comfortable lounge chair for your home.

If you live in Brisbane pop into our showroom located in Newstead to chat with one of our qualified interior designers.  Our Team will be able to show you through our huge range of lounge chairs on sale at affordable prices.  If you are shopping for furniture in Sydney or Melbourne call or email us and we will happily discuss the lounge chair options available.

At Replica Furniture we offer designer furniture at the best possible prices.  We are focused on sourcing quality pieces that are built to last a lifetime.  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and welcome you to call our friendly team to experience it for yourself! 


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