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Replica High Bar Stools

When selecting your new High Bar Stool from the various replica options available in the market today there are a number of important factors that should be weighed up. Choosing a reputable supplier that has been in the market for a long time is probably the most important decision, as they will know which manufacturer's produce quality reproductions, that are well built and will last the test of time. There are numerous supplier's of replica stools in the Australian market, and not all care about the quality they sell like we do at Replica.

Our range of Replica High Bar Stools is huge, and we stock some of the most popular replica designs available. Our range includes timber high bar stools, metal stools, plastic stools, swivel stools and cafe bar stools. The variety on offer evolves over time to ensure the latest designs are always on offer, along withe some of the classic mid-century designs.

The two most important considerations when choosing your new high bar stool are comfort and look. The stool must fit in with the decor of your home, and the fixtures and fittings in your kitchen area. If you have timber floorboards, then a stool with a timber frame will always look great. Similarly, if you have a black marble bench; then a solid black stool will look terrific.  However the bar stool is of no use if you and your family do not find the stools comfortable. Come and view our showroom in Brisbane to see our range and test the comfort of every stool we sell online.

The size of bar stool you require is determined by the height of the bench you are trying to match it to. The best rule of thumb when selecting a higher bar stool is that if your bench height is between 100 cm and 110 cm then you should select a stool with a seat height of 75 cm. This will allow for sufficient room for your legs to fit under the bench.

Come and view some of our most popular bar stools such as the Deja Vu Stools, Xavier Pauchard metal stools and the replica Hee Welling range; along with our popular Air Bar Stools. Our prices are terrific and the range of colours and options available will ensure you find the right replica bar stool for your home.

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