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Industrial Chairs and Storage

The Industrial Look is an enduring style trend that usually features solid steel and perhaps some timber to soften the look. Some of the most popular products are Industrial Chairs for cafes and restaurants, as they look fantastic, are hard wearing, and usually stack quite well.

True Industrial Style Chairs originate from the mass production during the Industrial Revolution when steel was made in all sorts of sheets and types, and became much more affordable. Designers jumped on board and created a range of steel chairs that were popular in pubs, cafes and restaurants all throughout Europe. Some fine examples of more recent industrial chairs are the aluminium US Navy Chairs, along with the Bend Stacking Chair.

Industrial Storage and Cabinets are ideal for those who live in a warehouse style apartment or homes featuring a concrete floor. An eclectic mix of steel, timber and castor wheels creates the true industrial style cabinet.

Metal Chairs are often aged in their appearance to create the vintage metal look, which brings out some of the minor faults and weld marks. This is the true beauty of the vintage look, in that no two chairs are identical. They are also hand made and hand welded.

View our range of Industrial Chairs and Storage in our Brisbane showroom, with expert staff on hand to assist in any part of the buying process. We also ship our entire collection of Industrial Furniture express throughout Australia.

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