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Replica Kitchen Counter Stools

Choosing the right Kitchen Stool for your home is an important decision, as you will find that you spend a lot of time discussing all the important matters of the day around the kitchen bench. There are many important considerations that should be measured to find the right stool for you. Our range of Replica Kitchen Counter Stools is huge, so when you weigh up all the factors below, you can be sure to find the right replica counter stool at our online store.

What Size Kitchen Stool do I need ?

The size of a bar stool is measured at the seat height, so the size of stool you need depends on the measurement of the bench from the floor to the very top of the surface. Most modern benches have a height of around 90 cm, which is the standard measure in new homes. Depending on the thickness of the top of your bench, if your total height is between 88 cm - 95 cm; then the correct stool is one with a seat height of around 65 cm. This ensures you have sufficient room for your legs to fit fully under the counter when seated, and you are eating with a correct posture.

Should your kitchen bench be higher at around 100 cm - 110 cm to the top then we would suggest that you purchase a more traditional bar stool with a seat height of around 75 cm.

Do I need a backrest on my Kitchen Stool, and a swivel ?

If you have young children or grand children that regularly visit your house, then we would recommend that your kitchen stool has a backrest; especially for children under six years of age. This will ensure that the younger members of your family are safe when seated at your island bench. However we would strongly suggest that you do not have a swivel on a stool with a backrest; the reason being that it is very easy to mark or chip the side of the bench with an edge on the stool as it is moved around.

For homes with older children and adult users, it is really up to personal choice and the look you are trying to create as to whether a backrest is required. In terms of posture, you will work on your core strength more by not having the backrest on and this seated position is recommended by most chiropractors. In addition, by adding a backrest to your stool it takes up space visually in your room. So if your open plan living area is not so large, it is better to not have a backrest so that your stools can be stored out of sight under the bench when not in use.

Replica Kitchen Stools V's Original Licensed Products

This age old question is a simple one for our company to answer. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a few bar stools for your home, when you can get premium grade replica stools from our company at a fraction of the price. Good design should be affordable to everyone, and every family has enough monetary pressures on them without having to spend outlandish sums to get the look you are after in your home.

We do not skimp on quality or materials when it comes to our replica designs, you can see the range of materials we use for every item online. Shop from our variety of Replica Kitchen Stools at our online store, or you are more than welcome to visit our Brisbane showroom to view our entire range of kitchen stools and bar stools. If you are based in Sydney or Melbourne we can send your replica stools to you in just a few short days at the most reasonable freight prices on offer.

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