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Metal Chairs

Made with the strength of steel, you can find some comfortable Metal Chairs in our range that feature exceptional styling. The industrial revolution allowed a whole range of materials; in particular steel, to be more affordable and widely available. With this came new furniture designs featuring metal frames and seats, and the production of a whole new range of wire chairs.

Crafted in the 1950's by Harry Bertoia, the Diamond Chair is a superbly crafted wire lounge chair with such style you will not believe it was released to the market over 70 years ago.

The most famous metal lounge chair is the Barcelona Chair, which features a thick stainless steel frame that has been bent to create a smooth X shape. This iconic design was from the 1920's.

The most comfortable metal chair is the LC4 Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier. The metal base, stainless steel curved frame and the comfortable soft Italian leather upholstery combine to create a striking creation that looks stunning in a study or living room.

View our showroom to see our collection of Metal Chairs and Lounge Chairs, to find out how comfortable they really are. We can ship your new lounge chair to Sydney, Melbourne or the Gold Coast in just a few business days.

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