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Replica Outdoor Chairs

View our huge range of replica outdoor chairs at our Brisbane furniture store. We stock outdoor chairs in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes and you will find the latest replica designs in the one location. Good design is an affordable option, and you will find the prices on our plastic chairs and outdoor metal chairs are some of the lowest in the market.

The material that is used for your chair is important, as many chairs that are claimed to be outdoor suitable clearly are not. Aluminium is the best material to use for your outdoor chairs, and we stock a range of aluminium chairs such as the Replica Luxembourg Fermob Chairs in both the side chair and armchair.  We also have the aluminium replica Rion chairs. Plastic dining chairs are a great alternative, provided the material has been UV stabilized so that it can withstand the harsh Australian sunshine.

If you are planning to use your chairs in a cafe or hospitality scenario, then it would be wise to choose a stacking chair. Your staff will thank you for choosing some lightweight stacking metal chairs or plastic stacking outdoor chairs as it will make closing time that much easier. Some of our most popular replica outdoor chairs that stack include the Viento chair, Plank Chair, and the Masters chairs.

A comfortable outdoor chair will mean you and your guests can enjoy the sunshine in your backyard during the Australian summer, and you can stay cool outside. View our range of replica outdoor chairs online and feel free to ask our customer service team for additional pictures or to answer any additional questions.

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