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Outdoor Table

The Australian climate is perfectly suited to outdoor living and in most households the outdoor table is used as frequently as the indoor table.  There are many gorgeous outdoor dining table options on the market – so how do you choose the right table for your home?  We recommend that you consider the following:-


The harsh Australian environment is well known for its high UV radiation.  UV exposure will fade powdercoated metal colours, particularly the more vibrant colours.  It will also bleach some plastics.  To maintain the colour finish, place your table undercover or use an outdoor furniture cover.  At Replica Furniture we stock plastic outdoor tables that have been UV stabilized to ensure they will not fade with UV exposure. In addition to our range of plastic tables, we also stock aluminium outdoor tables along with some wicker tables. These tables are all rust resistant and suitable for your outdoor deck or patio.

Exposure to sea and salt pool spray will cause metals such as steel to rust.  Aluminium is a better option is coastal areas however only marine grade Aluminium will remain spot rust free.  If rusting is a concern, a plastic table such as our Vegas Outdoor Dining Table is an ideal option.  


Location & Size

To make the most of an outdoor space with a view a high bar table may be for you.  This type of table is perfect for both casual entertaining and family dining.   At Replica Furniture we stock small 2-4 seat outdoor tables such as Porretta Outdoor dining table to larger tables like the 230cm Long, 8-10 seat Aluminium Outdoor Family dining table.  Don’t forget to measure your space to ensure that your new table will fit within the space!



Humidity, moisture, UV radiation, pollution and salt spray will damage your outdoor table.    To increase the life span of your outdoor furniture wash it every 3-4 months with warm, soapy water.  Apply stain to outdoor timbers and rust preventions sprays to metal finishes.  Simple maintenance steps like these will greatly improve the look of your outdoor furniture and ensure that you enjoy it for many years to come.     


Need more advice on what is the best outdoor furniture option for your home?  Call the friendly, knowledgeable Team at Replica Furniture on 1300 338 978 or visit the Newstead, Brisbane showroom.

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