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Furniture Miniatures

View our range of Furniture Miniatures which are so cute and based on the life sized version. We have some great miniature furniture pieces that are scaled down versions of some of the most famous replica chairs in the market today.

A set of Mini Ghost Chairs is a fantastic present that can be used for dolls to sit on, and to play with in the dolls house. These transparent little chairs are well crafted and will bring a big smile to your child, and would make an ideal present from the grandparents.

We also stock a set of Miniature Bin Bins, which are scaled down versions of the Hans Fulleboe Bin Bin original. They make great pen holders for the desk, or would be good next to the phone to keep pens handy to write down messages.

View our full range of collectable furniture mini's in our Brisbane showroom, which is open seven days per week. If you buy online, we will ship this item express to your door in a few business days for our Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney clients.

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