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Office Bins

Having a small office bin next to each and every desk and eating area in the modern workforce is a must. There is no need to have an ordinary office bin though when you can select from one of our modern and trendy designs.

There are so many names for the humble bin; such as waste basket, trash can, recycle bin, trash basket, dustbin, garbage bin and trash bin. But whatever you call the humble office bin, it still serves the same purpose of storing your waste or recycling out of site and safely.

Our most famous office bin is the aptly named Bin Bin which is a replica of the design by John Brauer and Hans Falleboe. This stunning crumpled paper shaped waste bin is an award winning design and a stunning piece that every office in Australia should have. This very smart design is available in Red, Black or White.

Come and visit our Brisbane Homeware shop to view and buy your replica Bin Bin, or view our online store for delivery all over Australia.

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