1. Fast, Australia-wide Shipping

    Fast, Australia-wide Shipping

    Items in stock, warehoused in Australia, ready for immediate dispatch sounds almost too good to be true in today’s market - but at Replica Furniture it is something we truly believe sets our company apart! Key practice including next business day dispatch, and online tracking means that not only can you watch your order progress, but you can be assured that it will be delivered fast no matter where you reside around Australia. When browsing our website, it is clear and easily distinguishable which of our product lines are in stock. This does not mean on pre-order or in stock in an overseas warehouse. This means in stock, in our Brisbane-based warehouse, available for immediate next day dispatch

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  2. Setting up your Home Office

    Setting Up your Home Office

    The new Financial Year is upon us, and what better time to think about jazzing up your home office space than now! In the past 2 years we have seen the percentage of Australian people working from home rise from 8 per cent to 40 per cent. This a significant increase, with many people coming to know and appreciate the benefits of flexible working arrangements. Although it is likely this percentage will slowly reduce as the world recovers post pandemic, it is expected many people will aim to keep some flexibility in their role. For many people, working from home has meant being creative with the space and resources available to them. Whether your work from home set up is a converted cupboard, or a shared living/office space – there is no reason not to make it stylish, functional, and enduring.

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  3. Mid Century Modern Styling

    Mid Century Modern Styling

    Mid-century modern (MCM) has been described as ‘a style of design (as in architecture and furniture) originating in America of roughly the 1930s through the mid-1960s, characterized especially by clean lines, organic and streamlined forms, and a lack of embellishment’. Form and function were key during the rise of mid-century modern design, adapting to life and needs post WWII.  Furniture design was minimalistic and organic, using a range of materials, textures, and tones. Technology was progressing during this time, and MCM design embraced and reflected these advances.

    MCM was a move away from ornate styling of times past, embracing simple, functional, and stylish designs that quickly became lasting in their popularity. As time and design have progressed and changed, MCM design has remained an enduring style, and has for good reason continued to be a popular choice among both residential and commercial customers.

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  4. Furniture Perfect for Lounging

    Furniture Perfect for Lounging


    Is there nothing better than curling up in a beautiful and comfortable lounge chair on a chilly winters evening with a red and some good tv? Or maybe sitting and relaxing in your favourite home nook perched upon a beautiful occasional chair whilst you enjoy the morning sun with a coffee. Everyone has their favourite place and time to ‘lounge’, and for many doing so has become a luxury in the fast-paced and busy world we live in. So, it is fair to say that when we do take the opportunity to relax, we should ensure we do so not only in comfort,

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  5. Styling your Corporate Space

    Styling your Corporate Space


    When it comes to branding, the concept needs to be explored further than simply a company’s digital marketing and print advertising. The extension of ‘branding’ to a company’s layout, design, décor, and aesthetics is pivotal, and typically reinforces the mission a company is trying to drive with their target market and employees. When thinking about corporate styling this really can be anything and everything from the inviting warmth a foyer exudes, through to the usability of a meeting space, or the functionality a staff kitchen offers. The thoughtful use of furniture and lighting in your corporate premises can help drive home you

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  6. Dining Chairs for your Hospitality Space

    Shop the Perfect Hospitality Dining Chair for your Australian Restaurant


    There is no doubt the food scene across all major cities of Australia is hot! I think I talk for most when I say ‘us’ Aussies love to eat out – breakfast, lunch or dinner, and everything in between! There are many ways to ensure your café or restaurant stands out from the rest, but what better way to achieve this than through your furniture! The style and aesthetics that furniture add to a venue can not only set an establishment apart, but also help customers understand and appreciate the identity, character, and experience one should expect when dining at your café or restaur

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  7. Stools for your Commercial space

    Shop Commercial Stools for your Australian Restaurant

    Whether you are furnishing a corporate space, a restaurant, or a retail store – selecting the correct bar seating for your space is particularly important. Stools offer a point of brief relaxation as your customer dashes in to grab their morning coffee, or prolonged seating by offering your corporate team flexible working spaces at high bars and benches around the office.  In this post-pandemic world that we are slowly navigating, one thing I think we have all come to know and appreciate is the value of flexibility – which stools and high bar seating offer to wide-ranging commercial spaces. Stools can elevate any commercial space by offering variety and flexibility to move around a space as the users sees fit. Traditional seating, although in no way redundant, must be rethought, and bringing stools into a commercial space is an easy and affordable way to do this. Stool seating offers the potential for a quick and casual encounter, or prolonged engagement for say a meeting

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  8. Shop Retro Furniture

    Shop Retro Furniture Australia

    Looking to add a touch of Mid-Century to your Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne home with expertly crafted retro furniture? Whether on the hunt for Retro Furniture Brisbane availabilities or retro Furniture online we have what you need! Australian owned Furniture Retailers, Replica Furniture, have a well-recognized passion for crafting Replica Designer pieces from classic Mid-Century designs. Our wide and extensive range features highly popular and well-known Retro Furniture from mid-century designers such as Charles Eames and Hans Wegner. Based in Brisbane, our warehouse manages Next Day Dispatch. Consistently swiftly delivering to locations across the nation- Retro Furniture Sydney side or Retro Furniture Melbourne, plus more!

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  9. Replica Furniture Trade Accounts

    Replica Furniture Trade Account

    At Replica Furniture we pride ourselves in a superior level of customer service that is prompt, friendly and detailed; and our trade program is no exception to this. As a family-owned business that has been supplying premium products to the Australian market for over 10 years, we have a keen understanding of the necessary balance between affordability and quality. We stand by the motto – on trend, on time, and on budget!

    Designers, corporate enterprises, builders, and hospitality establishments alike have all come to know and understand the benefits of working with Replica Furniture via our Trade Account program. In addition to competitive pricing, Replica Furniture are proud of the large stockholding we maintain in our Australian warehouse, ready for fast and reliable nationwide delivery.

    Our experienced staff are available to assist with product advice around,

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  10. Tips on buying Replica Furniture

    Committing to purchasing that piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing off for a while can be daunting. Here at Replica Furniture, we strive to provide our customers with ease in their shopping experience. From ensuring the quality of each piece to exceptional after sales service, we take the hassle out of stressful shopping decisions. Below are our top tips to consider when looking for the right piece of Replica Furniture for your space.

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