Shop the Perfect Hospitality Dining Chair for your Australian Restaurant


There is no doubt the food scene across all major cities of Australia is hot! I think I talk for most when I say ‘us’ Aussies love to eat out – breakfast, lunch or dinner, and everything in between! There are many ways to ensure your café or restaurant stands out from the rest, but what better way to achieve this than through your furniture! The style and aesthetics that furniture add to a venue can not only set an establishment apart, but also help customers understand and appreciate the identity, character, and experience one should expect when dining at your café or restaurant


So, what should be considered when selecting dining chairs for your commercial space. I like to think there are 5 keys considerations:

Many of the above overlap, however it important to consider all points individually to really help narrow down the perfect chair!



Considering the environment that your chairs will be used in is essential when selecting your furniture. Is your space indoors, outdoors, , or both? Are you in a particularly wet or humid location? Will your furniture be in the sun all day long? Is your customer base predominantly families with children? All this information is key to determining the perfect chair. When you have established the environment of your hospitality space, then we can start to think materials.



There are a few important considerations when weighing up the design and style of your café/restaurant chair: – is it a premium quality construct that will last with high traffic usage? – is it a material that will withstand the environmental exposures of your space? – is it comfortable? So, here is our advice.

  • If your space is outdoors, consider a polyurethane UV stabilised product. Such product will hold up against the harshest of weather Australia can throw at it! Why not consider our ever-popular Air Chair by Siesta  or Replica Masters Chair?
  • We’re living through a pandemic so think how easily your chair can be wiped down time and time again. Our Replica Elbow Chair or Replica Form Chair are perfect alternatives when it comes to cleanliness and a hard-wearing design that will provide many years of comfortable high traffic use!


There is no question that the chosen furniture for your café or restaurant must work with the overall aesthetic of your space. Furniture will not only contribute to but enhance and bring to life your design and overall look. Don’t be afraid to be memorable with your furniture choices! If you haven’t already, establish your look – Scandi, Modern, Contemporary, Classic etc; think is my look cohesive or am I creating a look of mismatch – and go from there! The benefit of working with Replica Furniture is that we have a carefully curated collection that provides for the varied looks that hospitality spaces are working to achieve. Opt for a timeless design that our Replica Hans Wegner Wishbone and Replica Hans Wegner CH33 chairs exude, or be modern, bold, and sleek with our Studio Wire Chair.


This is a key consideration when shopping for commercial furniture. Ask yourself: – do I need my chairs to be stackable? – do my chairs need to be a certain size/height/footprint? – do I want/need armrests? Have a list of wants and needs and from there you will narrow down the perfect chair for your space. Here at Replica, we love the following for their functionality: Replica Stacking Lucy Bend Chair , Keline Stacking Wire Chair, Replica Hans Wegner CH88 Stacking Chair



Finally, and often most importantly is the balance between all the above PLUS affordability! Good design and a high-quality product should not need to be compromised for an affordable price. Replica Furniture import directly from our international manufacturers, meaning there is no middleman. Our retail prices are competitive, and furthermore our commercial customers can take advantage of our trade discounts. We hold stock in our Australian warehouse and can have you stocked and operating in no time!



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