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At Replica Furniture, we Do Not use any Discount Codes, Coupons or Vouchers.  Our aim is to bring the best quality replica furniture to your door, at the lowest possible price.  We use a combination of road express and a network of local couriers to provide your new furniture to you in the best condition at a reasonable freight price.

a.) If you see a Replica Furniture Discount Code on any online website, please note that this is fake and is simply a page that receives money from Google using their pay per click platform to get page clicks.  The discount is not generated by our company and is not endorsed by Replica Furniture.

  • What we do provide in terms of discounts and discount codes is a Member discount program.   Click on this link to become a Replica Furniture Member and you will receive a minimum of 5% off all items whenever you log in and purchase an item.   No code is required, and your discount will be automatically applied at the checkout.   From time to time there are exclusive promotions for our members and you will be entitled to these simply by having signed up.

b.) If you find a Replica Furniture Coupon on an online website, this will be fake.  We do not use Coupon Codes, and if are shown on your google search it will be due to a third party  using our name to generate clicks and revenue through the google pay per click platform.  This coupon is not generated by Replica Furniture and is not something that we have created.

  • To obtain a further discount on our website, simply become a Replica Member and you will be entitled to 5% of all items on our website, and further specials and discounts as they are offered to our members from time to time.

c.) If you find any Replica Furniture Vouchers or other discounts codes or offers online, these are not created by members of our company as we do  not use Vouchers on our website.  These will have been created by an overseas marketing company gaining revenue through clicks generated.

At replica we are commited to providing our customers an outstanding shopping experience, and we invite you to view our current Specials on our website for even further savings on our range of dining chairs, tables and bar stools.

Kind Regards,

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Replica Furniture

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